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Logo - stylized text - "Votanikon Gin" and "greek botanical" written above

Votanikon Gin

  • When we set out to create Votanikon Gin,
    we wanted to give it a distinctly Greek flavor.

    Naturally, we started out with what surrounded us.
    Which, fortunately, was plenty. Pretty soon, it became a question
    of not what to put in, but what to keep out.
    So we decided to include the basics.

    Namely, 20 botanicals
    such as juniper, sideritis, basil, saffron, sage,
    chamomile and mastiha, to name a few.

    These are not only a common sight on most Greek family kitchen shelves, but also some of the first words—and
    scents—with which we become familiar while growing up.

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