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Logo for Standard Proof Whiskey - Black text and image with SP together in the center

Standard Proof Whiskey Co.

  • At Standard Proof Whiskey, a micro-distillery specializing in naturally infused and straight rye whiskey, Born Behind The Bar is our motto. Our different, handcrafted whiskeys originate from Nashville, Tennessee and are made with care and ready for friends both near and far to enjoy.

    Rye whiskey has a rich history as a truly American spirit. A newfound interest in the quality of rye whiskey is inspired by independent distillers such as Standard Proof to create new craft Rye Whiskeys for consumers that demand quality and care.

    Rye whiskey has similarities to bourbon, as it follows a similar distillation process but with varying ingredients. Bourbons are smokier and sweeter with caramel hints, while rye whiskey has a spicier flavor with grain, grass, and pepper notes.

    While bourbon is a mandatory 51% corn, American rye must contain 51% rye grain. You cannot distill rye over 160 proof, age at more than 125 proof, or bottle under 80. The rye barrels are similar to bourbon barrels - new, charred oak casks.

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