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El Perro Grande Tequila

El Perro Grande Tequila

  • El Perro Grande is a story about a special spirit, a little rebelliousness, a bit of underdog. It’s a story about those who think for themselves. And for those who judge what they don’t understand… well, no es para ti.

    I was born in Jalisco, Mexico surrounded by agave and old jimadors. It’s where I got my taste. But in time, I knew I needed to see other things, different people, bigger cities. Travel wasn’t easy for a little dog, and I had a few problemas along the way. But I wasn’t giving up, and I eventually followed a star. That star was on the south side of the Franklin Mountains, at the very end of the massive Rocky Mountain Range.

    The city under that star is El Paso, Texas. People judge what they don’t understand, and so they make less of me. I hit some hard times. But by a stroke of good fortune, I found the dusty border town of El Paso. A place, that like me, was influenced by many lands but, unlike me, had found a way to be one people. Herein the desert land of two cultures, the Mutt is king.

    El Paso is a place of two cultures, two languages, two flags – it is binational everything.  It was Mexico first, and then Texas.  It still is.  But it is one people.  And there is a unique “El Paso” spirit here that is found nowhere else.  Sometimes here in the 915 El Paso is called El Chuco. To me, it is the most special place on earth.  And it is here that I set out to make a tequila that captured the spirit of El Paso. So I got to work, grateful for the opportunity, I set out to make a tequila that captured the spirit of El Paso. A tequila that is fragrant and complex not for the sake of appearances or status but for the sake of quiet moments after long days of work and the gathering of friends and family.

    Today, I am still the little dog from Jalisco. But I am a big dog in El Paso and in Texas and in many other places.  Why?  Because I make a tequila that is different. It is fragrant and complex, not for the sake of appearances or status, but for the sake of creating gratifying moments with friends and family. Inside my bottle is hard work and a little magic. Inside my bottle is the rewarding taste of Mexico and Texas.


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